‘Twas a three year excursion but hey better late than never! Big thanks to Gregory Hugh Brady, Studio 1311, and all the brilliant musicians that joined us on the record. Thanks for working through all our shenanigans.
The album debut show will take place on 4/17/21 at Milo The Meetinghouse- located at 7165 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19119 and will also be live streamed. Guest musicians from the album will be joining the boys at 9pm- Ben Mainwaring (keyboard), Jamie Lundmark (violin), and Robert Hamilton ‘AkA Ham’ (harmonica). Tom Curtis Jr. will be kicking things off at 7pm! Can’t wait to see you all for a good ol’ dance party!!!
*Curtis Jr. – 7pm*
Tom Curtis Jr., born Friday, March 17th, 1989, found himself curious of the music realm and began to teach himself how to sing and play guitar in June of 2003. A year later, he would learn how to voice his ideas through lyrical output and his original song journey was born. The hard work would envelop into gigs performed around the Mid-Atlantic Region, as well as SXSW, Denver, Nashville, & more. From records to radio-broadcasting the pop-rock-alternative from Philadelphia known as Curtis Jr., a full squad consisting of Bill McLaughlin (aka Bundy), Chris Dougherty, and Jim Tauscher, which started it’s formation alongside Tom in 2012. You can now hear the band on major streaming platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, and you can even ask Alexa for assistance in finding them. The adventures of Tom Curtis Jr. and the band have only just begun with many new creations and ideas on the horizon. Tune in and spread the news because Sasquatch Funk is alive and well.
*Three Fourteen – 9pm*
Three Fourteen is a group of like minded individuals that have joined together to incorporate their experiences into one mash-up of music; a four piece band composed of young guys with old souls. Band members- Andy Hionides, Adam Murray, Joe Acri, Josh Lassoff. They perform flavorful, protracted sets of reggae and blues-influenced rock. Some songs consist of clear-cut melodies with order, while others offer a sense of flexibility with heavy, variable jams. Along with their originals, they love to play songs by their favorite artists such as The Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, The Who, The Rolling Stones, and many other rock groups. They have played many venues and festivals in the greater Philadelphia region and surrounding states such as World Cafe Live (PA), The Queen (DE), Ardmore Music Hall (PA), Parx Casino (PA), Harrah’s Casino (PA), Hard Rock Cafe (PA), 2nd Street Philly Festival (PA), Haverford Music Festival (PA), Brother Jimmy’s (NY), Underground Arts (PA), Hightopps Backstage (MD), and many more! Three Fourteen has shared bills with local and touring bands such as Curtis Jr., Vilebred, Splintered Sunlight, Steal Your Peach, Bumpin Uglies, Pasadena, Suburban Sensi, Nalani & Sarina, Frank Velardo & The Aardvark Felon, John Faye, and more. Three Fourteen’s fan base is a dependent family and their shows tend to seem like a party!